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Blake Shelton says there's no two ways about it: "Miley Cyrus has a motor mouth"

NBCUniversalPerpetual jokester Blake Shelton never shies away from matching wits with his competitors on The Voice. But when it comes to getting into a war of words with Miley Cyrus, the Oklahoma native admits Billy Ray’s daughter may have him beat.  

“Well, the good thing about having Miley back for season 13 is none of us really have to worry about coming up with anything to say, 'cause none of us are gonna get a word in edgewise,” he deadpans. “I mean, this girl has a motor mouth, and I'll tell her that to her face. She knows she does.”

Since he’s always thinking strategy, Blake says there is one upside to Miley’s talkative nature.

“The good part about it when it comes to these blind auditions is, you know, if you really need a minute to think about what your pitch is gonna be to this artist, and she's talking, you're gonna have every bit of a few minutes -- ten, fifteen, twenty -- before it's gonna be your turn to talk,” he says.

“The only trouble with that sometimes is there's nothing left to say. There's no words left in the English language, that hasn't been said,” he jokes.

Week 2 of the blinds kicks off Monday night at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

Blake’s new single, “I’ll Name the Dogs,” is already in the top 20, ahead of the release of his new album, Texoma Shore, on November 3.

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