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How High Valley's Brad Rempel managed to keep up with Tim McGraw on one of his legendary on-the-road workouts

Warner Music NashvilleNext month, High Valley marks the one-year anniversary of their debut album in the U.S., Dear Life, which spawned the brothers’ first top-20 hit, “Make You Mine.”

In twelve months of highlights, Brad and Curtis Rempel agree there’s one that stands out.

Tim [McGraw] and Faith [Hill], I mean I don't know how you top that,” Brad says, recalling High Valley’s opening spot on the Soul2Soul Tour.

“They were super, super nice to us...” Curtis says of the power couple. "We got to hang out with them for a long time. Brad worked out with Tim quite a bit.”

While Tim’s on-the-road regimen has become the stuff of legend, the elder Rempel is no slouch in the fitness department either.

“Not to brag, but yes, I could keep up with him…” Brad says, admitting, “I mean, I didn't follow him around for a month.”

Tim’s clean eating is definitely a cornerstone of his enviable physique, according to Brad.

“He has a chef on his team,” he reveals. “They have perfectly healthy food -- breakfast, lunch and dinner. So if you're eating what he's eating all day and then working out with him, it's very doable. If you threw me out, on like our tour, and said, 'Here's the pizza! Try and not eat it!' and then go work out with Tim McGraw, then I'd feel different.”

Brad's stint on the Tim and Faith tour has given him a new vision for High Valley’s road life.

“That would definitely be two goals, is to have a gym like he has on the road, and to have catering the way he has it on the road,” he says, “such great food every meal.”  

High Valley’s latest single, “She’s with Me,” is currently nearing country’s top 30.

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