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New Politics craft their own universe with new album, "Lost in Translation"

Credit: Max Schwartz After writing their last album Vikings on the back of a tour bus, New Politics took a more measured approach to their new album, Lost in Translation.

"With this one, we really got to take a step back and look at what we wanted to do," guitarist and bassist Søren Hansen tells ABC Radio. 

"I think [all the songs belong] in the same universe," adds lead vocalist David Boyd. "I think it's better... there's, like, a consistency with it."

The band feels that the consistency really comes through in Lost in Translation's lyrics.

"Sure, there's fun songs and this and that on the album," Hansen says. "But in general, every song is very much about specific things, and I'm definitely personally really, really proud of that."

Take lead single "One of Us," for example -- a Queen-influenced, upbeat jam that hides a deeper meaning.

"The song is very sparkly and...there is a bit of that firecracker type of feel to it, but if you really read the lyrics and stuff, there's some questions there, and where did those questions come from?" says Boyd. "Maybe a darker place. And I think that balance of it, I think, is what's really cool about that song." 

Lost in Translation is out now.

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