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Sam Smith's no diva -- but does have people tie his shoes for him 

Ruven AfanadorSam Smith may occasionally get primped and pampered before he hits the stage, but he’s no diva. When it comes to backstage demands, Sam tells the BBC he doesn’t ask for anything outrageous...most of the time.

"I don't ask for puppies in my dressing room," he says. "But sometimes -- and I'm really embarrassed about this -- when they're doing my make-up before I go onstage, people do up my [shoe] laces for me.”

He adds, "I hate it. I feel like a diva. A diva or a three-year-old."

There was a time, following the release of In the Lonely Hour, where Sam admits he did almost let fame get to his head.

"I did get a bit… I wouldn't say big-headed, but I was living in that scene way too much, and I needed to be brought back down to earth," he says.

Sam continues, "There was one time when I wore a new pair of [underwear] every day and threw all the old ones away. I got obsessed with wearing different [underwear] every night.”

That only lasted a month, though. "I re-wear all my [underwear] all the time now," Sam laughs.

Sam’s BBC concert special aired last night in the U.K. and he already has his next goal in place.

"I want to play Wembley Stadium one day," he says.

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