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Kelly Clarkson is "so excited" to sing with Pink at the AMAs

Sølve Sundsbø/Vincent PetersKelly Clarkson is thrilled about singing with Pink on Sunday night's American Music Awards, not only because she's a huge fan, but because -- surprisingly -- the two have never really met before.

Speaking to Entertainment Tonight, Kelly says, "Oh my gosh, I'm so excited...I think we met in passing, like, quickly on the Today show right after I won American Idol 15 years ago. But we didn't really talk."

As Kelly recalls, "She was talking to [Idol runner-up] Justin Guarini because they're both from Philly, and I guess went to the same school, I didn't really get to talk to her then."

And Kelly says she can't wait to sing with an artist who she admires so much.

"At the core, we both love great singers, we both love soulful music," she explains. "She's branched out just like me, in, like, singer-songwriter kinda country stuff or rock 'n' roll. We both love a lot of the same things."

Kelly also says she hopes the team-up, which will open the ABC telecast at 8 p.m. ET on Sunday, will be as memorable for their fans as previous team-ups were for her.

"When I was a kid, I remember anytime two big singers would get together that people were fans of...I remember, like, Mariah and Whitney Houston did it," Kelly says.  She laughs, "I mean, not that we're Mariah and Whitney, but just for our generation, being two popular females with popular music."

Kelly also tweeted about the duet, "Gonna play it super cool whilst singing with @Pink this Sunday at the #AMAs. But know on the inside I will be freaking the &$@! out.”

To which Pink responded, "You're joking! I am humbly prepared to be outsung:) I adore you and I cannot wait."

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