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Song of "Experience": U2 debuts new tune, "American Soul"

Credit: Anton CorbijnU2 has debuted another new track from Songs of Experience in advance the upcoming studio album's December 1 release.

"American Soul," which has been posted on the band's YouTube channel, kicks off with a spoken-word segment by rapper Kendrick Lamar before launching into a pounding mid-tempo rock anthem that appears both celebrate and critique the U.S.

The sung portion of the track begins with a segment of lyrics and melody that previously appeared on the Lamar-U2 collaboration "XXX," a song from Kendrick's recent album, DAMN. "It's not a place, this country is to me a sound of drum and bass, you close your eyes to look around," sings Bono.

"American Soul" is highlighted by The Edge's snaking fuzz-guitar riff and Larry Mullen Jr.'s heavy, tribal drumming. The song also features the catchy, sing-along refrain "You are rock 'n' roll/You and I are rock 'n' roll/Came here looking for American soul."

In addition, "American Soul" includes a bridge that seems to be directed at the current U.S. immigration policy.  "Let it be unity/Let it be community/For refugees like you and me," sings Bono. "A country to receive us/Will you be our sanctuary?/Refu-Jesus."

"American Soul" is the fourth track from Songs of Experience that's been made available prior to the album's release, along with "The Blackout," "You're the Best Thing About Me," and "Get Out of Your Own Way," the latter of which also features a cameo by Lamar.

If you pre-order Songs of Experience now, you'll receive instant downloads of all four songs.

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