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Seether bringing heavy, dark new album "Poison the Parish" on the road

Credit: Marina ChavezSeether kicks off a North American tour this Saturday, November 25 in Charlotte, North Carolina. The band will be touring in support of their new album Poison the Parish, which returned them to the heavier, darker sound of their earlier work -- and frontman Shaun Morgan feels the direction has been well-received by fans.

"In fact, this is the first album where people are asking us to play more off the new album rather than playing the older stuff, which is great," Morgan tells ABC Radio.

Morgan felt that Seether strayed too far away from their identity with their last few albums, and with Poison the Parish, which he produced himself, he wanted to reclaim that sound.

"Really, it just came down to, I wanted it to be a rock album," Morgan says. "I wanted it to be loud guitars, and representative of us."

"The whole idea here is we're a rock band, and that's what we're gonna be," he adds. "We're gonna represent ourselves as such, rather than try to be Imagine Dragons or whatever the label was hoping we would become for them. And there's nothing wrong with those bands at all -- I love those bands -- it's just not who I am."

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