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Snowmen don't "Live Forever": Liam Gallagher voices a melting Frosty in climate change awareness video 

Warner Bros/Parlophone RecordsLiam Gallagher lends his voice to "The Very Hot Snowman," a climate change awareness video from the U.K.-based organization The Climate Coalition.

The animated clip begins with a happy snowman celebrating the wintry holiday season, before melting underneath a hot sun.

"In the grand scheme of things, our Earth is too hot, and it's getting even hotter," Gallagher says in a voice-over. "Our seasons are getting confused, lots of birds are nesting earlier, and spring flowers are coming out too soon. This is what climate change looks like."

"It's affecting so many of the things we love, both here in our own backyards and around the world," he continues. "But we have hope, because we know that together we can protect them if we act now and everyone does their bit."

Gallagher released his debut solo album, As You Were, earlier this year.

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