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Five for Fighting's John Ondrasik: "Christmas Where You Are" helps us "recognize who the real heroes are" 

Duston ToddJim Brickman and John Ondrasik of Five for Fighting have teamed up for "Christmas Where You Are," a charity single saluting soldiers who are away from their families during the holidays.   John describes it as a "thank you letter" to our troops.

"I hope they appreciate the message," John tells ABC Radio. "It wasn't about 'Let's have a hit song [and] sell a bunch of records.'  It was really about, 'Let's make as many troops and their families aware of this song as possible,' so they have our Christmas love letter to them."

"It's tough any day to be away from your family," he adds. "But certainly around the holidays it's hard, and I think if this is a simple recognition that comes around every year...that's appropriate."

The first time John and Jim played the song live together was at the taping of Christmas Under the Stars, a holiday special John shot in Utah not long ago. You can watch it online right now at, and also buy it or stream it as a digital live album.

"It was a blast," John says. "I wouldn't be surprised if we actually turn this into an annual Christmas quartet tour."

The proceeds from "Christmas Where You Are" go to various charities, including actor Gary Sinise's foundation, which works to build smart homes for wounded warriors.  "It's so inspiring to me,"  John says. "I don't think anybody's doing more for the troops than Gary right now."

John hopes "Christmas Where You Are" will remind us of those who are truly worthy of our admiration.

"We live in such a twisted celebrity culture where...singers and actors are put on these pedestals," he says. "I think every once in a while, it's important to recognize who the real heroes are. And it's not us." 

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