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Bruno Mars' musical collaborators on why he's a "living legend" and his Grammy-nominated #1 hit is "bulletproof"

Atlantic RecordsBruno Mars has six Grammy nominations, including Song of the Year for "That's What I Like" and Album of the Year for 24K Magic.  Among Bruno's collaborators on the album: the songwriting and production team The Stereotypes, nominated for co-writing and producing "That's What I Like," and for Producer of the Year.

The title track of 24K Magic hit #2, but "That's What I Like" made it to #1.  The Stereotypes' Ray Romulus tells ABC Radio, "You can’t predict what song’s gonna go number one but it’s an amazing [track]...from the lyrics to the melody to the way the song bounces, for me, it’s bulletproof."

In the writing session, Ray says Bruno "had the full idea, and he just portrayed how he wanted things to was a full collaborative effort and it was basically like a party."

He adds, "We just had a great time, and at the end of that great time, 'That’s What I Like' was completed."

Stereotypes member Charm says Bruno shared his musical ideas, not by singing, but by dancing.

"When he was in the studio, he was literally dancing for us and showing us, like, 'I can’t move like that to this chord or to this drum....change it,'" explains Charm. "Boom, we changed it and he’s like, 'There it is!'"

The Stereotypes feel that despite competition, Bruno's got a chance at winning Grammy's most prestigious category, Album of the Year, for 24K Magic.

"Bruno’s a living legend," gushes Ray. "He’s a friend, but to know that your friend is a living legend is crazy. The guy, he's magical. He can do everything."

"The guy can play every instrument, he writes songs, [he's] one of the best performers out there and he puts that work in," Ray adds. "So he definitely...has a shot."

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