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LOCASH kicks off the countdown to the end of their resolutions

ABC/Image Group LA When LOCASH plays the first of two shows December 31 at New York’s Opry City Stage in Times Square, Chris Lucas and Preston Brust will have already decided on their New Year’s resolutions.

“You know, working out every day -- which really goes away by February,” Chris jokes. “But there's a lot of stuff. You know, we just write songs and we'll give each other goals as business partners and see if we can accomplish them.”

Preston admits he likes to get a jump on his goals for the next 12 months.

“I try to get started with New Year's resolutions a little early,” he tells ABC Radio, “and that way it's not so hard to start right at the New Year. But like Chris said, they wear off -- so, mine wear off by mid-January,” he laughs.

LOCASH’s new single, “Don’t Get Better Than That,” is available to stream or download now.

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