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Bush's Gavin Rossdale talks Charlottesville-inspired new single "This Is War": "It's such a difficult song to write"

Credit: Neil KrugBush's new single "This Is War" takes the band in a heavier direction, both sonically and lyrically. As frontman Gavin Rossdale tells ABC Radio, he wrote the track after hearing about the violence that erupted during a white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Virginia in August.

"This was the most brazen display I've seen of this degree of hatred," Rossdale says of Charlottesville. "So I wanted to write a song that reflected that."

Rossdale found that doing so was not an easy task -- "It's such a difficult song to write," he says -- especially when it came to balancing the imagery of war with a message that calls for the exact opposite.

"I don't want it to be a call to arms, I don't want it to be a call to war," Rossdale says of "This Is War." "[The song] is saying that -- in a quite clumsy way, I suppose -- that it's necessary to investigate what is going on, because we are falling apart."

"I hope that it's clearly taken that we need to resolve this, so there's peace and not war," he adds. 

"This Is War" is included on the deluxe version of Bush's new album Black and White Rainbows, which is out now.

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