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Incubus, Tom Morello, Michael Stipe sign open letter supporting net neutrality

ABC/Randy HolmesArtists including Incubus, Tom Morello and Michael Stipe have voiced their support for net neutrality in an open letter to Congress.

"Without a free and open internet, so much music, writing, film, art, culture, passion, and creativity would be lost," reads the letter, which was posted on

Net neutrality refers to the concept of internet service providers, or ISPs, treating all internet traffic equally. Ending net neutrality could allow ISPs to intentionally slow down or block certain websites, giving priority and faster speeds to content providers who pay for it.

The letter also declares support for the national protests happening this Thursday, December 7, scheduled one week before the FCC will vote on the fate of net neutrality on December 14.

"The open Internet lets artists reach each other and audiences across the world in unprecedented ways," the letter reads. "We are able to collaborate, learn, improve our worlds, participate in our society, and bring the things we love to people who are moved by them."

"Freedom of speech and freedom of expression are guaranteed by our constitution, and we demand that such freedoms continue online," it continues. "Net Neutrality is essential to our democracy."

Other artists who signed the letter include musicians Graham Nash and Against Me!, and actresses Alyssa Milano, Alfre Woodard and Evangeline Lilly.

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