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Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift images among top 25 GIFs of the Year

Ronald Martinez/Getty ImagesIn 2017, we enjoyed watching Lady Gaga and Taylor Swift make various TV appearances, and then we enjoyed them even more as GIFs.

GIPHY, the GIF-sharing website, has released its list of the top 25 GIFs of 2017, and both Gaga and Taylor made the list.  Taylor's arrives in at #19 with a GIF of the singer roundhouse-kicking Andy Samberg through a wall, which received 110 million views. The GIF was from Taylor's commercial for her Taylor Swift NOW channel.

The #24 GIF was Lady Gaga appearing to jump from the roof of the stadium on her way down to the stage in Houston for her Super Bowl halftime show in February. That received 47 million views.

Also of note, the #3 GIF of the year was an image of a pug waving, taken from DNCE's video for "Kissing Strangers."  It received 215 million views.

The #1 GIF of the year was "Love Gnome," a stop-motion animation of a knitted gnome knitting a heart, which then floats away. That one was viewed 340 million times.

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