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James Arthur talks about getting "Naked" with Prince Harry's ex-girlfriend 

Columbia RecordsJames Arthur's co-star in his new video "Naked" is Cressida Bonas, an actress who Prince Harry dated before he hooked up with his fiancee, Meghan Markle.  James says he didn't know Cressida's romantic history until after they shot the video, but coincidentally, he does knows Prince Harry.

"I was oblivious to all that stuff," James tells ABC Radio. "Cressida is just a phenomenal actress in her own right, and she auditioned and she smashed it. And then I was informed later on that she was Harry's ex-girlfriend."

"I mean, I've met Harry," James adds. "I've spoken to him in-depth about mental health issues and stuff, and he's an absolute soldier...I really respect him.  So I don't think there's any issues there with me and Hazza. I think we're good!"

In fact, James says he'd sing at Harry and Meghan's wedding next year, if asked. "Yeah, without a doubt!" he says. "I reckon the fee would be pretty handsome as well!"

The singer admits he's surprised at how obsessed Americans are with the British royal family and royal weddings, though.  "I am a bit taken aback by that...I didn't realize quite the extent of it," he laughs.

As for the "Naked" video itself, it's set in the late '50s/early '60s, because James says right now, he's having a love affair with the styles of the past. 

"I just find those kind of visuals more aesthetically pleasing than the modern stuff at the moment," he explains. "I didn't wanna have any modern technology, mobile phones or anything, in this video. I wanted to make it classic, 'cause I feel like the song is quite classic sounding."

While "Naked" is a one-off single, the "Say You Won't Let Go" singer promises to release a new album in 2018.

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