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Judas Priest Releases 30th Anniversary of Band's "Most Controversial Album," "Turbo"

Sony MusicJudas Priest has released an expanded three-disc edition of their 1986 album Turbo in honor of its 30th anniversary. On their 10th studio effort, Rob Halford and company decided to experiment with some new sounds, particularly with the use of guitar synthesizers, which did not sit well with every Priest fan.

"Depending on where you're at with Priest, and how you reflect on that album, I think [Turbo] creates kind of a mixed emotion," Halford tells ABC Radio. "Because [it was] probably, and still is to some extent, the most controversial album that Priest ever made."

Three decades later, though, the single "Turbo Lover" is a Judas Priest staple, and Halford feels many initially skeptical fans have grown to accept Turbo's synth experimentation.

"When [guitarist] Glenn [Tipton] fires up that 'turbo' sound for the Turbo title track, the place goes nuts," says Halford. "Our fans have really kind of embraced that particular track, and, for all intents and purposes, the rest of the record."

Along with "Turbo Lover" and the single "Locked In," Halford also feels that the song "Out in the Cold" is an "important" Turbo track.

"I think that was a really cool type of spin on what's called a classic heavy metal ballad, you know?" he explains. "In terms of the other classic metal vibes that we've created over the years in Priest, I think that stands alone, and it's kinda unique." 

The Turbo 30th anniversary collection, titled Turbo 30, is out now. It features the album remastered, plus a 1986 live performance recorded at the Kemper Arena in Kansas City, Missouri.

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