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Bon Jovi Take Their "House" on the Road Tonight

Island RecordsLast year, Bon Jovi won the Legend of Live Award from Billboard, for having seen a million faces and rocked them all over more than three decades.  Tonight, they'll extend their legend, kicking off their This House Is Not for Sale tour in South Carolina. What can fans expect?  Variety, says Bon Jovi keyboard player David Bryan.

"You have to play the new record because we're proud of it...and then we're gonna play the classics," David tells ABC Radio. “I think we [have]... 95 songs that we have to choose from.  So...we can now switch in with so many a lot of the shows are going to be different."

Jon Bon Jovi would like to end the set with "Come On Up to Our House," a track from the band's #1 album, This House Is Not for Sale. Jon says he wrote it as a "bookend" to the album's hit title track.

"It was a conclusion," he tells ABC Radio. "'Come on up to OUR house' was usEverybody. The fans included."  By the end of the show, he wants the song to be there to tell people, "OK, we all cried, now we're getting up and we're gonna go continue the journey together."

Whatever the band performs, hardcore fans will love it -- for them, a Bon Jovi concert is practically a religious experience.  But Jon says you're welcome even if you don't feel that way.

"I know what rock and roll did to me as a kid and what it meant to me. It was religion. It was everything I felt in my belly. There was no second choice for me,” he says. “But for other people, it's just entertainment and it depends on who you are."  

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