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Celine Dion's advice to "Voice" contestants: "Don't lose yourself within your dream" 

Trae Patton/NBC

Celine Dion is mentoring Gwen Stefani's team starting this week on The Voice, and Celine says she's happy to actually be involved, rather than just screaming at her television while watching the show at home.

"Listen, how many times was I frustrated, that I almost broke veins in my hand hitting my own table like it was a red button?" she laughs, talking about watching The Voice at home. "Like, 'Press the button! Press the button. press the button!'"

But now that she is involved, Celine says finally realizes how difficult it is for the contestants.

"I'm stressed for them! " she says. "I wish they could all win."

In fact, she thinks she and Gwen drove the contestants nuts with all their advice about how to perform their songs.  

"That's why I say to them, 'Listen to what we have to say, then go home and forget it all,'" she laughs. "Because it's crazy!"

But one thing Celine does want the contestants to understand is that, while it's all well and good that they want to be stars, they have to realize that it might not happen for them.

"It's OK to have, to have dreams and it's OK to have a passion," she says. "But there's no proof and there's no guarantee that you will become a singer for the rest of your life...and you're gonna make that as a living. So, hold on to your dream, but especially, hold on to yourself. Don't lose yourself within your dream."

See how Celine's advice goes over with the contestants Monday night on The Voice, starting at 8 p.m. ET on NBC.

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