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Milky Chance builds a bridge to "Blossom" with "Cocoon" 

Republic RecordsMilky Chance's sophomore album Blossom is here, and even though it arrives four years after their debut Sadnecessary was first released, the German band didn't make any drastic changes to their recording process for their second effort. They did, however, have a few years of touring under their belt.

"We just [had] a lot of experience as musicians on stage, playing live," vocalist and guitarist Clemens Rehbein tells ABC Radio. "We just developed as musicians, and I think you can hear that in terms of how we produce, how we play together, how we sing.

"It just happened naturally," he adds.

The lead single from Blossom, "Cocoon," exemplified the comfort Milky Chance felt with recording the album. The track came together in just two or three days, and Rehbein feels it represents a "bridge" between Sadnecessary and Blossom.

"The way we produced it, we kept it really easy, and it reminds you of the way we did it for the first album," he says. "But you can also discover all the new instruments, colors, directions that we show on the second album."

On "Cocoon," Rehbein sings, "Let's go back to our cocoon," a line he feels is about "self-discovery."

"[It's about] trying to find out what you're doing or why you did things, and how that all fits together with your inner voice," he says.

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