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From Fitz to Halestorm: How Prince influenced modern-day bands

ABC/Eric McCandless; Jake Giles NetterToday marks the one-year anniversary of the death of music icon Prince. As an artist whose work encompassed many genres and styles, Prince's influence was vast, reaching everyone from an indie-pop band like Fitz and the Tantrums to the hard rockers in Halestorm.

"'1999' and the whole entire from top-to-bottom Purple Rain record was truly the soundtrack to my life," Fitz frontman Michael "Fitz" Fitzpatrick tells ABC Radio. "And informs so much of what I do and what the rest of the band does on a daily basis as musicians."

"Once funk came into this more synthetic, drum machine and synthesizer-driven era, he was the guy," Fitz continues. "And those things, for me, to this day -- whether I'm doing it consciously or subconsciously -- they influence so much of the way that I approach keyboards and a lot of the drum programming I do."

Halestorm's Lzzy Hale says she was inspired by Prince's dedication to simply being himself.

"You couldn't really pin him down as to, like, 'Well, what are you?' What genre was he?" says Hale. "Was he rock, was he pop, was he soul, was he funk? What was he? He was Prince."

Halestorm played a concert the night of Prince's death, and they closed the show with "Purple Rain" during the outro of their song "I Miss the Misery."

"Usually it's like high energy, crazy aggression at the end of that song, and we just did the complete opposite," remembers drummer Arejay Hale. "We shifted gears and opened it wide open with 'Purple Rain,' and it was just like the most amazing ending to our show."

"People were putting lighters in the air, and I saw people getting teary. It was heavy."

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