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Mark Hoppus teases "experimental" elements of Blink-182's deluxe "California" 

ABC/Paula LoboThe forthcoming deluxe edition of Blink-182's album California features 11 brand new tracks from the pop-punk trio, including "Parking Lot" and "Misery," which were released this month. While both of those songs contain many familiar Blink-182 elements, bassist/vocalist Mark Hoppus says the deluxe album is "more experimental" than the original record.

"There's a song called '6-8' that's a very heavy song, it's in 6/8 time which is why we titled it '6-8,'" Hoppus tells Billboard. "'Bottom of the Ocean' is a little more electronic sounding, and 'Good Old Days' is inspired by dance music of the late '90s, early 2000s."

"Hopefully, people will check it out and like the experimentation," he adds.

Along with the deluxe California album, which will be released May 19, Blink-182 has a busy year ahead of them. They're currently on a U.S. headlining tour, and they'll be playing Lollapalooza for the first time in August.

"I've always thought Lollapalooza was a really well-respected festival -- so to be invited to play these different events and festivals is really cool," says Hoppus. "We've always kind of kept our heads down and made music that we like and that's catchy to us, and it's served us well. I feel like we're very lucky, but we also work very's worked out well for us. We're very thankful."

Additionally, Blink is already looking forward to their next album.

"We're touring the U.S. throughout the spring, we're going over to Europe and the U.K. during the summer, coming back to the U.S., playing Lollapalooza and some other shows to give back to California, our home, and then take a little bit of time off and start the next album," says Hoppus.

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