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Linkin Park's "One More Light" replaces "screaming" & "heavy guitars" with the "intensity of the subject matter" 

Warner Bros. RecordsLinkin Park's new album One More Light arrives today, and if you've been following the lead up to the release, you know that the record finds the band exploring a much poppier direction.

"The thing that maybe surprises people is there isn't any screaming or heavy guitars or anything like that," vocalist/producer Mike Shinoda tells ABC Radio. "I feel like there's an intensity on the album that replaces those in a sense, the intensity of the subject matter that we're singing about."

In writing One More Light, Linkin Park wrote the lyrics and vocal melodies to the songs before they wrote the music, which was an entirely new approach.

"Everything was built to support the words and melodies and the idea," Shinoda explains. "I think that...[the] misconception [people have] about our band or about this album is that we went into it thinking, 'Oh, we're gonna try and do a different genre.' Genre was, like, an afterthought."

Still, fans of Linkin Park's mega-successful debut Hybrid Theory have been taken aback by the new direction, and frontman Chester Bennington stoked the fires of the feeling when he recently said he wished people would "move...on" from that comparison. In addressing the comments, Shinoda says Bennington was being "playful," not "angry," but was also making a point about the band's evolution.

"With as many singles as we've had and all of these different albums and these different moments in time, we know that it really is not all about jumping from Hybrid Theory to where we are now," says Shinoda.

"We obviously don't have anything against people that love [Hybrid Theory]," he adds. "And we also appreciate and respect people that come to the shows for all the other stuff, all the other albums, as well."

Thursday night, the band appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and instead of playing "Heavy," the song they were scheduled to perform, the band dedicated the title song from the new album to the late Chris Cornell.

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