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Watch now: Foo Fighters stage a literal "Oldchella" in new "Run" video

Brantley GutierrezSurprise!  Foo Fighters are back with a brand-new song, and a video that's sure to be one of this year's most memorable.

The track is called "Run," the band's first new music since their free Saint Cecilia EP, released in 2015.  It starts off quiet, then goes into a thrash section where Dave Grohl's vocals are electronically treated, and then settles into one of the Foos' patented melodic hard rock anthems. 

The lyric "Wake up/run for your life with me" has inspired a hilarious video, directed by Grohl, which depicts a revolution in an nursing home.

The clip begins with an old man in a nursing home being bullied into taking his medicine by a pretty yet mean nurse.  The man refuses, and goes into the common room where Foo Fighters, all aged by decades thanks to some pretty impressive makeup, are performing "Run."  Inspired by the music, the man climbs up a wall and dives off a balcony; he's caught by orderlies but then goes nuts, throwing up heavy-metal devil-horns signs as they try to wrestle him away.

Meanwhile, the other elderly residents, inspired by the man's actions, start a riot, and for several minutes its mayhem as they fight with orderlies and the mean nurse.  Finally, they all break out of the nursing home, carjack some younger people, steal their vape pen, get high and start making out with one another.  While a few drive away the car, the others begin a synchronized "Thriller"-type dance before collapsing in a heap.

No word on whether this song is the first single from a new Foo Fighters album, or simply a one-off.

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