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Opening for U2 can be "intimidating," says The Lumineers frontman: "There's people losing their minds crying" 

ABC/Randy HolmesThe Lumineers are currently opening for U2 on their 30th anniversary The Joshua Tree tour. Frontman Wesley Schultz is having an "amazing" time on the tour, even if playing in front of a stadium full of U2 fans can be "intimidating."

"There's people losing their minds crying, 'cause they've spent their whole life with this music," Schultz tells ABC Radio. "It's like therapy or it's like some sort of religious experience that can be intimidating to open for, because you're opening for their favorite band of all time. And they're like, 'Are you worthy?'"

Even if U2 is one of the biggest bands on the planet, Schultz found that, once he met and talked to them, he could relate to them simply as people, especially given their similar band origin stories.

"Me and Jeremiah [Fraites], the drummer, we grew up in the same hometown about a mile apart," Schultz says. "A a lot of bands are sorta put together, these groups that producers find, and to imagine that U2 began as four friends in a town, it makes you feel like there's some hope in the world for something authentic to actually happen in some fairy-tale way."

Touring with U2 has also helped Schultz not worry about having to make music to fit bigger venues.

"[U2] tend to write music that they believe in," Schultz says. "It's just not really crafted to be a stadium band, they just happen to be one. I think there's something very truthful about that, for me."

Beyond learning a lot, Schultz has just had a blast watching U2 perform every night.

"Side A of Joshua Tree is most bands' greatest hits if they were in their dreams," he says. 

The Lumineers' tour with U2 continues Tuesday, June 20 in Washington, D.C.

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