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Filter’s Richard Patrick on the loss of his friend, Chester Bennington

Scott Dudelson/Getty ImagesThe music world was stunned by the death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington, when the 41-year-old committed suicide, hanging himself from a bedroom door in his home on Thursday.

Filter frontman Richard Patrick was as shocked as anyone when he heard the news. The singer took to social media and wrote that he was trying to make sense of it. The two had known each other for a long time and toured together in the fall of 2013 when Bennington fronted Stone Temple Pilots.

Patrick recalls that the two had just seen each other, “I was absolutely shocked that Chester committed suicide. I was shocked. I mean, the reality is that he seemed to have everything going on. The last time I saw him was at Chris Cornell's funeral. And he saw me and came running over and we hugged.. and we didn't really have much to say to each other than, like 'Are you OK?' 'Yeah, I'm OK. Are you OK?' 'Yeah, I'm OK.'  He sang 'Hallelujah' and it was like, pitch-perfect and totally clear and, you know, he did a really great job. I couldn't have done that. That's one of the things about Chester I liked, he was just like fearless.”

Patrick also noted that Bennington may have been dealing with depression or mental illness, something he thinks is unfairly stigmatized. Whatever Bennington was struggling with, though, Patrick had great admiration for him.

“I was always very respectful of the kid. He was really, he was one-of-a-kind. You know? And he's going to be missed by millions of people, that's for sure.” 

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