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Ed Sheeran's #goals: Bigger gigs, more music faster 

Greg WilliamsGiven Ed Sheeran's astounding success lately -- a Grammy, a worldwide hit album and single, sold-out tours, a headlining spot at the U.K.'s prestigious Glastonbury Festival and a special honor from Queen Elizabeth II -- you've got to wonder, what's left for the singer to accomplish?  Well, he's got a few specific goals in mind.

Before he was famous, Ed attended Access to Music, a British college training program for people who want to be in the music industry.  He's now a patron of the program and did an interview recently to mark its 25th anniversary. Asked what's left for him to do, he says, "There's always something to do.  But for me...I would like to do what I've done in the U.K. elsewhere as well."

"I'd like to be able to play a stadium in France or Germany," he explains. "I think that's the next thing to do."

In addition, Ed says, "I think I wanna release records quicker. Now there's an opportunity to record on tour, so you can basically write and record and make an album and then just put it out." 

Ed acknowledges that he'll eventually make an album called Subtract, to follow his albums Plus, Multiply and Divide, but says it probably won't be the next thing he releases.

Starting an acting career might also be one of Ed goals.  After all, he does have that upcoming cameo in Game of Thrones.  During the interview, he was asked to name his favorite character on the HBO series.

"Arya, who I actually do my scene with, which is really cool," says Ed.

That would be Arya Stark, who for several seasons now has been methodically taking revenge on those who killed her family.

"She doesn't give a (bleep)!" he laughs. "She's, like, her own person."

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