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Brandon Boyd promises a "journey through the Incubus catalog" on "face-melting" "8" tour 

ABC/Randy HolmesIncubus kicks off their North American tour in support of their new album 8 tonight, July 6 in West Palm Beach, Florida. If you're going to any of the shows, frontman Brandon Boyd tells ABC Radio that you can expect a "journey through the Incubus catalog."

"We'll definitely be playing some new music, but it's really fun for us still to play our older music," Boyd says.

"I suppose if we're feeling overconfident and a touch selfish we'll be playing a lot of the new music," he adds. "Because it's turning out that those songs translate really well live."

In fact, Boyd feels that the 8 tracks are "more fun to play" than the songs from the past few recent Incubus albums.

"I don't know if it has to do with us as a band or where we are just in our sort of headspace and our heart-space, but they're definitely really exciting to play live," he says.

No matter what Incubus plays during the tour, though, Boyd can assure you of one thing.

"It will hopefully be one of those face-melting, mind-blowing, jean-c****ing concert experiences that will make people wanna come back again and again," he says. 

Jimmy Eat World and Judah & the Lion will provide support on the tour.

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