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With "Don't Take the Money," Bleachers' Jack Antonoff finally finds a song to go with his favorite saying

ABC/Randy HolmesThe phrase "Don't Take the Money," which is the title of the lead single from Bleachers' sophomore album Gone Now, has been rattling in Jack Antonoff's head for awhile, but he always had trouble putting it in a song.

"That phrase for me is basically my term for 'don't sell out,' but I couldn't find the song where it didn't sound self-righteous," Antonoff tells ABC Radio. "I couldn't figure out what it was."

It wasn't until Antonoff framed the phrase in a different context that "Don't Take the Money" was born.

"When I started writing about a relationship, and the idea of following a light in a relationship and holding on to your true self throughout all that," he says. "That's when I was like, 'Oh, I wanna use that phrase, this is perfect for this song.'"

"You have these songs you want to write but they don't always happen, maybe the music doesn't sound right or you can't put it together the right way," Antonoff adds. "So that one had been kicking around for awhile, and finally it found that outlet in the song it became."

"Don't Take the Money" is one of several songs on Gone Now to deal with Antonoff's personal experiences. The track "Everybody Lost Somebody," for example, deals with the death of his younger sister, who passed away from cancer at age 13.

"When you write, it's almost like you're putting a message in a bottle and sending it out," Antonoff explains. "So you wanna say really personal, intense send out that message and then someone across the world or over here or over there says, 'Oh, I feel that way too,' it's very powerful."

"It's a tool to feel less alone," he says of songwriting.

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