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Walk the Moon returns with new single "One Foot," new album with "bigger, epic sound"

Image Group LA/ABCFirst, the bad news: Nicholas Petricca, the lead singer of Walk the Moon, has broken up with the woman who inspired their smash hit, "Shut Up and Dance." 

Now, the good news: Billboard reports that the band will release a new single in September, followed by a new album in October.

Last year, Walk the Moon canceled their summer tour so Nick could care for his sick dad, who passed away in February.  Nick was also recovering from his split with Miss "Shut Up and Dance," whom he calls "the love of my life."  On top of that, the band was unsure how to follow up the success of "Shut Up and Dance."

Nick tells Billboard, "The song got so massive. It was sort of like, ‘What do we do from here?’” The answer is the band's new album, and the first single, "One Foot." 

“These big moments necessitated something introspective,” Nick explains to Billboard. "‘One Foot’ is facing the void. The last record, we felt like we had a lot of answers. This time, we have a bunch of questions.”

The new album also features a "bigger, epic sound," says the band.

We don't yet know the title of the new album or its release date.

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