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It's Taylor Swift vs. Taylor Swift in "Look What You Made Me Do" video

BMLG/Mert & MarcusTaylor Swift debuted the video for her new single, "Look What You Made Me Do" during Sunday night's MTV Video Music Awards, and it immediately went live on YouTube.

In the video, Taylor makes no bones about the old Taylor being dead, crawling like a zombie out of a grave below a tombstone marked "Taylor Swift's reputation," at the start.

The video also features the new Taylor -- in black goth look -- towering menacingly over a dozen other Taylors dressed in the looks from her other videos, from the teen nerd of "You Belong with Me" to the swan ballerina look of "Shake It Off" to the rhinestoned guitar country look.

The video ends with Taylor poking fun at herself, as the various Taylors stand around in front of a jet in a hanger, excoriating one another. 

There's Taylor open-mouthed with the often-mocked surprised award show face as zombie Taylor says, "Stop making that surprised face, it's so annoying."

And there's drum majorette Taylor telling sequined-dress, acoustic guitar-playing Taylor, "Oh stop acting like you're all nice, you are so fake," which leads country Taylor to start crying, and new Taylor to chime in -- "Oh, there she goes playing the victim again."

In the end, Taylor quotes herself in her response to the back-and-forth that occurred around her phone calls with Kanye West relating to his "Famous" -- "I would very much like to be excluded from this narrative."

"Look What You Made Me Do" is the first single from Taylor's forthcoming album, Reputation, due November 10.

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