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Even during Hurricane Harvey, John Rich finds a silver lining: "Those people are helping each other out"

Big&Rich Records/Sony RED/Thirty TigersBig & Rich’s John Rich may be a Tennessean by birth, but the Hurricane Harvey tragedy hits close to home for the Nashville resident: his wife’s entire family is from the Houston area.

“While it is such a massive tragedy going on,” he comments, “the only thing that I like looking at is all those people helping each other out down there.”

“Because prior to this storm hitting,” John observes, “you're turning on the news and it's loudmouths on both sides of whatever issue, going at it in the streets. And the rest of us are going, 'What is wrong with these people?' It seems like that has been wiped away.”

The response to the devastation in Texas is a much more accurate portrait of America, in John’s opinion.

“Now you see in Houston, every color of person, every age of person, pulling their boats out and chainsaws out and helping each other out, to the tune of tens of thousands of 'em are doing it…” he says.

“And so, while Harvey is just untold damage down there, that's a little bit of a silver lining is seeing how those people are helping each other out.”

Big & Rich’s latest single, “California,” is currently in the top 30, with their latest album, Did It for the Party, due September 15.

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