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How Sasquatch helped Old Dominion lock in their third #1

RCA NashvilleOld Dominion claims the third #1 of their career this week, as “No Such Thing as a Broken Heart” climbs to the top of the Billboard chart.

Believe it or not, the mythical Bigfoot may be partially to thank for the song’s success.

“We got a call from our manager one day, and he was like, 'You know guys, we need the single artwork for 'No Such Thing as a Broken Heart' pretty much right now,'” Trevor Rosen explains.

“So, we didn't have anything. We didn't want to do a picture of us, and I had a napkin with a Sharpie and I just scrawled this like Sasquatch with a broken heart. And I just set it on the bus. And then Matt [Ramsey] came walking out of the bus holding it up and he goes, 'I get it man, I get it!'”

“We're doing this!” Matt chimes in, as the two laugh.

When it comes time to celebrate their latest success, the two agree the larger-than-life figure is definitely welcome.

“He shows up, actually in our life,” Trevor jokes.

“He does show up when you least expect it,” Matt agrees, “which I guess is what a Sasquatch does.” 

Expect a big debut from OD’s sophomore album, Happy Endings, which just came out last Friday.  Just like the cover of the single, the album's artwork doesn't feature a photo of the band either.

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