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Liam Gallagher has to make his own tea because people don't buy albums anymore 

Warner Bros/Parlophone RecordsTo say that the music industry has gone through some changes is certainly an understatement, and those changes have had some unexpected consequences. For example, Liam Gallagher now has to make his own tea, because people don't buy albums anymore.

In a typically profane and tongue-in-cheek video captured by BBC Three, the former Oasis frontman laments how plummeting album sales have severely cut into his tea employee budget.

"Now in the '90s I got someone else to f*****g [make my tea], but now I can't, f*****g money is tight, too tight to mention, gotta do it yourself, haven't ya?" Gallagher says. "No one buys records these days...these f*****g little smarta***s download f*****g tunes for [nothing]."

"They wonder why there's no real rock n' roll stars around," he adds, while continuing to stir his tea. "'Cause this is the s*** you've got us doing. F****rs"

Perhaps Gallagher will delve deeper into his tea thoughts on his forthcoming debut solo album, As You Were, which will be released October 6.

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