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Modern-day cowboys Midland ride into town with a retro album served "On the Rocks" 

ABC/Randy HolmesWith their vintage threads, retro look and throwback sound, you might think Midland put a great deal of effort into crafting their image.  But Mark WystrachCameron Duddy, and Jess Carson insist things came together much more organically than that.

“There was no conversation, or any like meeting, where we were saying like 'We should be this, or we should be that,’” Jess tells ABC Radio.

“See here boys! What do the people want? What does the world desire? Some vintage cool?” Mark and Cameron joke, finishing each other’s sentences.

“It's just the sound that came out, you know, with the three of our sort of shared, but also diverse, backgrounds,” Jess concludes.

“Cam's from California, so he's got that Eagles thing, you know,” he continues. “Gary Stewart is my all-time favorite. Mark's...”

“Song and dance, you know, Broadway!” Mark interjects, once again.

“Mark's Marty Robbins and Merle Haggard and stuff like that, you know,” Jess says, offering a serious answer, “so it's just kind of what happened when we brought our musical influences together.” 

You can get the most complete picture of Midland’s sound yet as their debut album, On the Rocks, arrives online and in stores today. It features their chart-topping debut single, “Drinkin’ Problem.”

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