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Sleeping with Sirens earns a new audience with "Legends" and new album, "Gossip": Kellin Quinn's parents

Credit: Erik RojasThe new Sleeping with Sirens album, Gossip, featuring the lead single "Legends," arrives today. As frontman Kellin Quinn tells ABC Radio, he wanted to write "Legends" because he felt "we all need a little bit of hope in this world that we live in right now."

"I think that idea of being legendary is something that we all aspire to be," says Quinn.

Along with an inspirational message, "Legends" also introduced a new, poppier element to the Sleeping with Sirens sound. That "universal" sound has not only brought the band-new radio success, but also a new audience: Quinn's parents.

"My parents, they love me and love my band, but I think that [Gossip] is the first record that they actually enjoy and can listen to," Quinn says. "I think it has a broader sound and a broader audience now."

Quinn explains Sleeping with Sirens didn't purposefully aim to make Gossip a pop album, although his own music tastes certainly seeped into the sound.

"My favorite artists are considered pop, I guess, to an extent," says Quinn. "I think that there's just a pop sensibility about my voice and the way I write."

"I don't think [introducing pop elements] was an intentional thing," he adds. "It's just...we sat down in a room and those are the songs that came out of us."

Whether it was pop or any other style or music, Quinn only knew that Gossip had to be different.

"I think that it's important to be an artist and to break through that box and to inspire other people to do the same thing, otherwise, what's the point of doing it?" Quinn says.

"I mean, we could do the same record over and over and over again, but it's not really fun, you know?" he laughs.

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