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Brothers Osborne admit "It Ain't My Fault" if you like our current single more than our biggest hit

ABC/Brett OronzioBrothers Osborne’s first hit, “Stay a Little Longer,” went all the way to #1 and garnered the siblings an ASCAP Song of the Year award, with CMA Duo, and ACM Duo and New Duo trophies to match.

Yet their current single, “It Ain’t My Fault,” seems to be their most popular song with the people.

“When we performed it live, before anyone had really heard it, they just kind of naturally responded to it,” TJ tells ABC Radio. “...[T]here was something about it that was infectious that we could see. And now that it has had success, it's been even more fun."

As “It Ain’t My Fault” moves toward the top-ten, the fan reaction has only intensified.

“It's really wild to watch it, even though 'Stay a Little Longer' has been our biggest success as far as chart position, we got Song of the Year with that song, which was awesome,” TJ continues. “But 'It Ain't My Fault' is now the song that people want to hear at the shows. We play 'Stay a Little Longer' and they love it, but when we go into 'It Ain't My Fault," they just go bananas and it's really, it's so fun.” 

Both tunes are from Brothers Osborne’s debut album, Pawn Shop.  

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