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Midland on celebrating the success of "Drinkin' Problem": "If you had a tonk, we honked it!"

ABC/Randy HolmesYou can't say country music isn’t hard work. New trio Midland has just put in a full week of celebrating, after finding out their debut single, “Drinkin’ Problem,” had gone #1.

Mark WystrachCameron Duddy and Jess Carson happened to be in the middle of playing the supporting slot on two sold-out Kenny Chesney shows at the home of the New England Patriots when they got the news.

“Of course, you're gonna celebrate,” Mark tells ABC Radio. “That's when you blow off the steam. You know, we're based out of Austin, Texas and Nashville's kind of our adopted, second home.”

“So the only people that we haven't had a chance to celebrate with is our actual family and friends,” Cameron interjects.

“Oh, God. It just dawned upon me. There's more celebrating to do!” Mark laughs.

The peak of Midland’s Music City partying took place after a show at famed Nashville dive bar, Springwater.

“We're pretty hungover…” Mark admits. “And we just honky-tonked it up and had a blast and then proceeded to go out to a dinner that we didn't have to pay for.”

“If you had a tonk, we honked it!” Cameron quips.

“Pitchers of margaritas, shots of tequila, things were being smoked,” Mark goes on.

“Chips, guacamole, two orders!” Cameron laughs.  

Midland’s second single is “Make a Little,” from their debut album, On the Rocks, which comes out September 22.  

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