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Avenged Sevenfold's M. Shadows promises "curated" experience on Kanye West-inspired "The Stage" tour 

Credit: Jeff ForneyAvenged Sevenfold launch a North American tour tonight in Nashville in support of their new, artificial intelligence-themed album, The Stage. As frontman M. Shadows tells ABC Radio, he wants the shows to feel "curated" by his band, an idea inspired from seeing rapper Kanye West live.

"I felt that instead of just people walk into a show, and you hear Dio and you hear Metallica, and then a band goes on -- that happens four times and then you play your set and everyone goes home -- we really wanted to curate the experience," Shadows explains.

That includes everything from the openers -- Breaking Benjamin and Bullet for My Valentine -- and the music you'll hear between sets to the elaborate visuals, which will reflect the themes of The Stage.

"We kinda take you into outer space with the screens that we have and the LED walls and all the graphics that we've come up with," says Shadows. "I feel like we kind of do a lot of cool things that really give you an experience instead of just the typical rock show."

In turn, the visuals will impact the set list.

"Since the video is a lot of space stuff and a lot of existential type of vibe, I wanna make sure we pick songs that go along with that," Shadows says.

In crafting the set list, Avenged Sevenfold also took some notes from Metallica, with whom they toured last summer.

"I noticed that they play a lot of the new stuff [from Self-Destruct] early in the set to keep people engaged, the end of the set is very hit-driven," Shadows explains. "They were very new-record heavy, but they were also very smart about it."

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