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John Mayer wants to hear from snail mail 

ABC/Randy HolmesRemember back in the day when there was no social media or Internet, and if you wanted to tell your favorite star how much you loved them, you had to write them a fan letter? Well, John Mayer wants to return to those days, and he wants you to come with him.

On Instagram, John writes, "2018: a return to naturalism. Let’s correspond. Real paper. Real ink. Real names. Here’s the plan: get yourself a typewriter (@californiatypewriter and Etsy have some great ones) and send me a one page, properly formatted letter (formal or informal) and I will reply to a few every morning. Include return envelope/postage if you’re overseas."

John then provides an address where you can write to him: PO Box 3784, Beverly Hills, CA 90212, United States.

The Grammy-winner's request for fans to write to him using a typewriter isn't a coincidence: he's such a fan of them that he even appears in a documentary called California Typewriter, about one of the last typewriter shops in America.

John is one of several celebrities featured in the movie talking about the joys of typing things on an old-fashioned machine.  He explains that he became intrigued at the permanence of words on paper after he saw a documentary showing Bob Dylan typing out his lyrics, and seeing other typewritten lyrics at the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.

Tom Hanks, a noted typewriter enthusiast who has more than 200 machines in his collection, is also featured in the movie.

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