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Beck heads to Japan for poodle-starring "Fix Me" video

Capitol RecordsBeck has premiered the video for his song "Fix Me," a track from his new album, Colors. You can watch the clip, which was filmed in Yamagata, Japan, now on YouTube.

The video stars a young Japanese girl named Mame and her three poodles: Riku, Gaku and Qoo. If that sounds familiar, you may have come across their popular Instagram page, @tamanegi.qoo.riku.

"There's a poetry to Mame and her gentle, loving poodle guardians in their serene world," Beck says. "It speaks to the sentiment of 'Fix Me.' Glad they were willing to be a part of the video."

"There's something really special happening in the mountains of Yamagata, and we were lucky enough to enter Mame's world for two afternoons in November," adds director Brook Linder. "That home is heaven on Earth. One of the dogs, Qoo, and I had a special connection -- I think he's my great-grandfather reincarnated...or something. He looked into my soul."

Along with the video, Beck is asking fans to consider donating to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, or the ASPCA.

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