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Bad Wolves release "Zombie" cover that late Cranberries frontwoman was to have sung on; proceeds going to her children

Eleven Seven Label GroupOn January 15, Cranberries singer Dolores O'Riordan was scheduled to record vocals for a cover of the Cranberries hit "Zombie" by the hard rock band Bad Wolves. Sadly, O'Riordan died that day at age 46, but now Bad Wolves are releasing the cover in her memory.

Proceeds from the band's version of "Zombie," which topped Billboard's alternative rock chart in 1994, will go to O'Riordan's three children. In a statement, Bad Wolves singer Tommy Vext says, "It was the greatest honor to know she liked our version and wanted to sing on it. We’re deeply saddened by the sudden loss of Dolores and by the fact that she’s leaving behind three children."

He adds, "It’s such a powerful song and the themes are still so relevant, we wanted to release it in her memory."

Vext notes that in the original version of the song, the lyrics reference the year 1916 -- the year of Ireland's Easter Rebellion -- but their version changes the year to 2018.

"We changed that lyric...and she was really excited about that because the nations may have changed but we’re still fighting the same battles today," says Vext. "Humanity is still fighting to assert itself despite all the conflicts.”

Speaking to Rolling Stone, Vext notes that the band "could have shelved" their version, but explains, "I don't think it would have done justice to what we were trying to accomplish. Now the song has a weight and a depth to it that no one outside of being this close to it could possibly imagine."

"It almost feels like we had to do it," he adds. "It feels like we're compelled to have her work continue on through us."

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