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"It's about hope, not dope": How an "autocorrect fail" and the Women's March inspired Moon Taxi's "Two High"

RCA RecordsIf you only hear the title, you may not get the message behind Moon Taxi's breakout track "Two High."  But once you listen to the song -- the lead single from the band's new album, Let the Record Play -- you realize that, as keyboard player Wes Bailey explains, it's "about hope, not dope."

"It was an autocorrect fail that changed the spelling of 'too high' -- t-o-o -- to t-w-o," Bailey tells ABC Radio. "I just thought that looked kinda interesting, and I showed our singer [Trevor Terndrup], and he said, 'Oh, like a peace sign!'"

With the new title, Moon Taxi had a hopeful image for a song, but "Two High" really came together just as last year's Women's March was happening.

"It happened pretty quickly, it was that week of the Women's March that we knocked the whole thing out," Bailey says of "Two High."

"Which is rare for us, we usually take a long time with our songs, but this one we just felt very passionately about, and the message was very relevant and real to us."

The speed at which "Two High" was written wasn't the only thing that was new for Moon Taxi: The track also features horns, as well as very direct lyrics. Those two things went on to influence the overall direction of Let the Record Play.

"It's one of the first songs we've really had that has a very clear-cut message," says bassist Tom Putnam. "I mean, there's other ones, but this one's pretty obvious. The other songs that we have, I think, are a little bit deeper and harder to pinpoint what that message is, and this one's very clear right from the beginning." 

Let the Record Play is out today.

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