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Louis Tomlinson wants fans to help him decide what music to release 

ABC/Fred LeeLouis Tomlinson just wants to give the people what they want. The singer tells U.K.’s Metro he’d prefer to have his fans decide what kind of music he releases.

“I am only guessing what they want, so are the label,” he says. “They f****** know what they want! There is a way of us working together.”

He adds, “I don’t think they get enough responsibility…give them more.”

While he’d love to get the fans more involved in his music, Louis draws the line at so-called fans who approach him at a bar just to ask for a photo for Facebook. He prefers when people are genuine.

“It sounds simple, but when people say, ‘Your latest single was amazing,’ it means a lot,” he says. “So it’s nice sometimes to hear something other than, ‘Can I have a photo? Can you follow me on Twitter?’ To actually have a chat with people is cool.”

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