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Julia Michaels & Fifth Harmony's Lauren reveal their personal goals for 2018 

ABC/Image Group LA; ABC/Heidi GutmanTwo female pop stars who had success in 2017 are determined to make 2018 even better -- by trying to improve themselves both mentally and physically.

Julia Michaels had a great 2017.  No only did she score her first big hit as an artist in her own right with "Issues," but songs she co-wrote for others -- like Selena Gomez's "Bad Liar" -- became hits as well.  Julia also toured with Shawn Mendes, sang with Maroon 5, and was nominated for a slew of awards, including two Grammys.  So, what does will she do for an encore?

"My goal for 2018 is to just keep facing fears," she tells ABC Radio. "I've had stage fright for as long as I can remember, and each day it's getting less and less."

She adds, "I wanna work on my social anxiety, 'cause if I'm in a big crowd of people, I tend to get really nervous and closed in.  And I really wanna work on that.  So, facing fears and making conscious decisions to face them."

Meanwhile, the ladies of Fifth Harmony scored success in 2017: they releasing their self-titled third album, took artistic control of their music and won several major awards.  Group member Lauren Jauregui also branched out, collaborating with Halsey and Steve Aoki.  She says her goals for 2018 are about treating herself better, and motivating herself.

"My personal New Year's resolution is to become healthier, from a physical perspective, 'cause I don't really take care of my body the way I should," she laughs. "None of us do!  So...drink more water, exercise more, which is, like, super-typical."

In addition, Lauren says, she's resolved to "get out of my head and just challenge myself doing instead of thinking about doing -- just doing.  So, self-discipline." 

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