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"Here You Come Again": Dolly continues the Adele love fest

ABC/Lou Rocco; Alasdair McLellanOne day after pop superstar Adele posted a photo of herself in an impressive Dolly-Parton getup, proclaiming her admiration for the icon, the Country-Music-Hall-of-Famer is continuing the love fest.

“Hey! Adele likes me?” Dolly responded in a video on her socials. “I was knocked out, I was so honored. I was so flattered. I loved your outfit. I thought that was great. I think I had an outfit just like that back in the day. In fact, I thought that was a picture of me back in the day!”

As if her amazing facsimile of Dolly’s signature look from the seventies wasn’t enough, Adele went on to call Dolly “the effortless queen of song,” adding she wishes she “could possess an ounce of your ability.”

“I was really touched with what you said,” Dolly countered. “I was really honored that you would even know me that well or like my music. So I just wanted to thank you and say you’re makin’ me look good!”

Of course, the icon from East Tennessee couldn’t resist ending with her trademark humor: “So if I can have just a fraction of your fans, that’ll help me -- help me buy some cheaper wigs and some more clothes, some more things. I’m gonna dress like you next time. I love you!”

While the two have yet to meet face-to-face, both Dolly and Adele have proclaimed their love for each other in the media, with Dolly even confirming they tried to set up a writing appointment when Adele was in Nashville, though it didn’t ultimately work out.

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