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Disturbed's "Evolution": David Draiman talks "Black Album" comparisons, "The Sound of Silence" & mixing acoustic with electric

Credit: Travis ShinnOver the summer, Disturbed frontman David Draiman made headlines and raised a few eyebrows when he said that the Chicago metallers' new album Evolution was "our Black Album," referring to Metallica's legendary 1991 opus. Speaking with ABC Radio, Draiman says that the comparison was meant to be "aspirational," not "boastful."

"I have no delusions of grandeur on any level," Draiman says. "I'm not comparing us to the mighty Metallica on that level."

Instead, the comparison was meant to reflect the "potential" the Disturbed members feel Evolution has to stretch beyond the metal world and to the ears of different kinds of listeners, much like The Black Album did.

Disturbed does have reason to believe they can transcend those barriers. After all, they already scored a massive hit with their acoustic, orchestral cover of "The Sound of Silence." The huge success of the cover inspired Draiman and company to experiment more with acoustic material, which they had wanted to do for the past decade.

"Having the level of success that we achieved with that cover -- with something that was so dramatically, stylistically different from the norm for Disturbed -- gave us the confidence that we could make it happen," Draiman says.

Evolution includes a lot more acoustic-based songs than any of Disturbed's past albums did, but the heavy stuff is certainly still there. Melding those two styles together, Draiman says, initially proved to be a challenging exercise.

"We actually toyed with keeping them completely separate, like one half, and then the other half," he explains. "But when we started fusing them together, it really started becoming the record that we were dreaming of making, something that hearkened back to that classic [rock] era."

"Then," he adds, "it seemed like it didn't make any sense separating them anymore." 

Evolution is out today.

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