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How well do the Greta Van Fleet members know each other?

Credit: Travis ShinnAs a band made up of three brothers and their childhood friend, one would think that the members of Greta Van Fleet know each other pretty well. The young rockers -- made up of vocalist Josh Kiszka, guitarist Jake Kiszka, bassist Sam Kiszka and drummer Danny Wagner -- put that theory to the test in a segment for Billboard.

The publication asked the band members to choose which one of them would be the answer to questions like "Who is the most stubborn?" and "Who is most likely to mess up while performing?" Those all inspired some spirited debate, though everyone was able to agree that Wagner was the least stubborn.

They also all picked Sam as "Who is most likely to sleep through an earthquake?" based on what actually happened one time when the Kiszka household was hit by extreme weather.

"There was a tornado that was hitting the house and everybody went to the basement," Josh recalls. "And Sam, he's walking out of the bathroom after taking a shower, [he's] whistling and has his towel around him, and was like, 'Where's everybody at?' And we're in the basement going, 'Oh, we forgot Sam!'"

As for the question "Who has the best taste in music?" each Greta Van Fleet member naturally picked themselves.

Greta Van Fleet's debut album Anthem of the Peaceful Army, featuring the single "When the Curtain Falls," is out now.

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