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Listen to new Gerard Way single, "Getting Down the Germs"

Reprise RecordsGerard Way has more music for you.

The former My Chemical Romance leader has dropped a new solo song called "Getting Down the Germs." The slow-burning track, which also features a fair amount of flute, is available now for digital download.

"I had really been wanting a song that featured the flute prominently for quite some time," Way says in a statement. "It sits in there perfectly, like it was made to pay the song a visit."

"The whole song reminds me of wiggling squiggling wormy germs," he adds. "It's a very calm affair that shows a peek into where I may be heading musically. I hope you enjoy it. It was fun to make."

"Getting Down the Germs" follows Way's Halloween song "Baby You're a Haunted House," which was released in October.

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