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"Closer to You": Carly Pearce is happy to reveal her new single is exactly how she feels about Michael Ray 

Big MachineCarly Pearce's romantic, danceable new single, "Closer to You," arrives today, a little more than a year after her first album, Every Little Thing, came out.

Since Carly's debut only celebrated its one-year anniversary on October 13, the lead single from her sophomore effort is coming a bit sooner than expected.

"So much has happened... I believe in 'Everything happens for a reason,'" she explains. "And these songs that we have started, just like 'Closer to  You,' came to be, and it just felt like the natural progression because so much has happened in my own life."

"And it has made me very excited to be able to bring CP2 a little sooner than we thought," she smiles.

If you follow Carly's socials, you know one of the major things happening in her life is her romance with fellow performer Michael Ray.

The "Hide the Wine" hitmaker realizes her current happiness strikes a big contrast with the heartbreak ballad that was her first #1, "Every Little Thing."

But Carly couldn't be happier to let her music mirror her life.

"It's funny. I mean, I never intended to ever be an artist who does concept albums or concept singles or anything like that," she points out. "But I've always been very honest about my journey and my music, and I want it to be 100% authentic to me."

"And you look at 'Every Little Thing' to 'Hide the Wine' to now 'Closer to You,'" she continues, "it's the evolution of my personal life, and just the evolution of Carly and where I'm at. And right now, 'Closer to You' is absolutely where I'm at." 

"Closer to You" is available to stream or download now.

On Monday, watch for Carly's performance on a special edition of ABC's Dancing with the Stars.

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