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Dan + Shay's "Speechless" steps out of the shadows of "Tequila" on its way to #1 -- and saves Dan Smyers on his anniversary

ABC/Image Group LAIn 2018, "Tequila" was the song that took the already-successful Dan + Shay to another level.

"It feels incredible," Shay Mooney reflects. "We're so thankful. You know, 'Tequila' is such a big song for us, and definitely our biggest hit to date, and kind of a career-changing song."

Shortly after "Tequila" topped the country chart in July, the duo released "Speechless" as their follow-up. Even though it was instantly successful, the second single from their self-titled album still lingered in the background, as "Tequila" began to cross over and be nominated for awards.

That's all about to change, however, as "Speechless" prepares to finish the year as one of the final number ones of 2018.

"There's a lot of songs on this record that we really love," Shay points out, "and 'Speechless' is one of those fan favorites."

"And it's really cool now to see it about to top the charts," he tells ABC Radio. "And you can kinda see it's having its own little moment right now. So, we're very thankful that our fans love both of those songs, and it's really cool to see 'Speechless' about to do its thing."

"Speechless" was inspired by the moment Shay and Dan Smyers first saw their wives in their wedding dresses. In fact, Dan jokes it even got him out of buying an anniversary present.

"We got to use actual footage from our weddings for that music video..." Dan explains. "It was perfect timing for me, because we comped together our wedding footage, and... I got the first cut of that video on the morning of my first wedding anniversary."

"So I played it for my wife," he smiles, "and I was like, 'I got you this,' so it got me out of gettin' a present."

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